About Us

Macawber Engineering Inc. USA was founded in the early 1970’s and have been pioneers in pneumatic conveying systems and material handling for over 30 years. The Macawber group has spread its wings with manufacturing units established in England, China and India with operations spread all over the world including Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Sri Lanka to name a few.

Macawber India is a joint venture with Macawber Engineering Inc.,USA since 1995. Operations headed from Mumbai, India and factory located at Addl. Ambernath MIDC with factory equipped with a Test Facility to conduct trials on various materials and to determine key Pneumatic Conveying Parameters.[To better understand your requirement click here— ”Material Handling Technology”]

A wide range of Industries have been catered to by Macawber India, including Steel, Cement, Foundries, Mining, Minerals, Chemicals, Food, Soap and Detergents, Plastics, Polyesters etc. The success story of Macawber Pneumatic Conveying Systems is attributed to the specially designed, application-specific, Material-inlet-valve called as “Dome Valve® ”. Explore the various models of Pneumatic Conveying Systems available at

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Macawber India has been part of various projects with installations in the Middle East, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Africa.

Macawber India is regarded as a company that values its customers and provides impeccable service. We are easy to approach by our customers for spares parts. If conveying is on your mind , look no further..!